Bedtime Stories

Let Generative AI create cool stories for you and your kids, with the PaLM API!

This application is a Micronaut application, developed with Apache Groovy, deployed on Google Cloud Run, and calling the Vertex AI PaLM API.

a funny little princess with a strong character a young astronaut exploring space a fearless firefighter a cute little cat with a long and silky fur a gentle dragon with a colorful skin a brave knight in a shiny silver armor a clever wizard who uses his magic to help others a curious explorer who travels to far-off lands a mischievous fairy who causes all sorts of trouble a talking animal who is the best friend of a young child a magical creature who grants wishes a time traveler who takes children on adventures to different eras a spy who solves mysteries and saves the day a superhero who fights crime and protects the innocent
in a big gray castle, centuries ago on a space station orbiting a distant planet, in year 2135 in a big bustling city in an enchanted forest in a jungle full of dangerous wild animals in a small village on a quiet island in a busy train station of a futuristic city full of high skyscrapers in a deserted beach, on a far away island in the middle of the ocean in a mysterious cave at the bottom of a mountain
her little sister was kidnapped by a nasty old witch the sun is erupting dangerously a shower of comets is setting the town on fire at every corner an evil dog with long ears is barking at all cute animals the baboon king is threatening all animals and stealing their food dangerous asteroids hosting mysterious lifeforms discovery of a secret portal enabling travel to worlds of danger and excitement discovery of a flying superpower a mission to investigate a mysterious object that has appeared in orbit around the Earth rescue of a cat from a burning building a mission to break the spell that has been cast on her kingdom solving the mystery of a haunted house
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Made with ♥ by Guillaume Laforge — Code available on Github